Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the ProkaGENOMICS conference is back in 2022 and is devoted to the motto "From Small Viruses to Complex Communities".

Our three main topics are as follows:

Structure & Function of Microbiomes

Bacterial & Archaeal Viruses

Biocatalysts & Molecules from Microbes or Microbial Assemblages

One of the most revolutionary developments in the biological sciences in recent years is the recognition of the importance of microbiomes. Microbiomes are key to health and disease of their hosts, including plants, animals and humans. Moreover, they play central roles in the biogeochemical processes that sustain life on our planet. At present, one of the main goals is to elucidate the composition and functions of the microbiota, and the complex interplay between the microbiota and their given environment.

In the past, microbiomes have mainly been defined by their bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae and protists, but also viruses play pivotal roles in microbial communities. Unraveling the biology of bacterial and archaeal viruses and their relationship to their hosts is key to understanding microbial systems, their exploitation and how our microbial driven world is impacted by viruses.

Our rapidly increasing understanding of microbes and microbial communities also offers new horizons for white biotechnology. With respect to replace polluting technologies with clean ones white biotechnology provides large benefits - both environmentally and economically.

All these above mentioned hot topics in microbial research are covered by ProkaGENOMICS 2022. A panel of nationally and internationally well-renowned scientists, both from Europe and abroad, will present and discuss the latest developments in these exciting research areas.

The conference will be accompanied by a Minisymposium on 'Phylogenomics - Principles, Tools & Pitfalls' providing the opportunity to learn about techniques to deal with the huge amount of data generated in functional (meta-)genomic analyses for evolutionary reconstructions and taxonomic relationships.

You are cordially invited to participate and to bring your scientific expertise to this conference to make it an outstanding scientific event.

Save the date from 25 - 28 September 2022 and join us in Goettingen!

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