7th European Conference on Prokaryotic and Fungal Genomics

7th European Conference on Prokaryotic and Fungal Genomics

19 – 22 September 2017 | Göttingen

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Welcome note

Dear colleagues,

It was a great pleasure to cordially invite you to the 7th European Conference on Prokaryotic and Fungal Genomics – ProkaGENOMICS 2017. This meeting took place from 19 - 22 September 2017 in Göttingen/Germany, and focus on the presentation of the latest results in the rapidly growing field of prokaryotic and fungal functional genomics.

The ProkaGENOMICS conference series has been launched already in 2003 when the genomics revolution was still in its infancy. At present, the increasing power of high-throughput technologies drives research in microbiology. The OMICS-technologies have become the new mantra in functional microbial genomics, allowing the simultaneous examination of thousands of genes, transcripts, proteins, or metabolites. These powerful tools yielded completely new scientific objectives, e.g. monitoring microbial community dynamics as well as comprehensive cellular processes under a wide range of different conditions. ProkaGENOMICS 2017 addressed this challenging field of microbiology.

The main conference topics were:

  • Towards Biotechnology: Metabolic Modeling & Genome/Enzyme Engineering
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • Omics at its best: Global Gene Regulation & Proteome Dynamics
  • MetaOmics & Microbial Ecosystems
  • Infectiongenomics & Host Microbe Interplay
  • Microbial Evolution, Population Genomics & Epidemiology
  • Microbiome Host Interaction
  • Functional Phage Genomics

A panel of nationally and internationally well-recognized speakers, both from Germany and abroad, will present and discuss the latest developments in the above-mentioned fields. To participate actively in the conference, we cordially invite you to submit your abstracts for an oral or a poster presentation.

With our best regards,

Rolf Daniel                        
Conference Chair

Michael Hecker
Conference Chair

Alfred Pühler
Conference Chair