ProkaGENOMICS 2020

From Small Viruses to Complex Communities
20.09.–23.09.2020 | Göttingen

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Main Topics

I. Structure & Function of Microbiomes

      I.1  Microbial biodiversity, functioning and adaptation on a changing planet

      I.2  Horizontal gene transfer, mobile genetic elements and antibiotic resistance

      I.3  Microbiomes and ecosystem services

      I.4  Host-microbe interactions


II. Biocatalysts & Molecules from  Microbes or Microbial Assemblages

      II.1  Living on a Changing Planet – New developments in Biodegradation and Biocontrol

      II.2  Challenges in the discovery of New Biocatalysts and Molecules

      II.3  Expanding the Toolbox with New Biocatalysts and Molecules / Microbial enzymes and applications

      II.4  Rewriting microbial processes - Bioprocess engineering and enzyme optimization


III. Bacterial & Archaeal Viruses