ProkaGENOMICS 2020

From Small Viruses to Complex Communities
20.09.–23.09.2020 | Göttingen

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Main Topics

I. Structure & Function of Microbiomes

      I.1  Microbial biodiversity, functioning and adaptation on a changing planet

      I.2  Horizontal gene transfer, mobile genetic elements and antibiotic resistance

      I.3  Microbiomes and ecosystem services

      I.4  Host-microbe interactions


II. Biocatalysts & Molecules from  Microbes or Microbial Assemblages

     II.1  New developments in Biodegradation and Biocontrol

     II.2  Challenges in the discovery of New Biocatalysts and Molecules

     II.3  Expanding the Toolbox with New Biocatalysts and Molecules

     II.4  Rewriting microbial processes - Bioprocess engineering and enzyme optimization


III. Bacterial & Archaeal Viruses